Auckland Harbour Bridge

Waitemata Harbour
Auckland, Auckland Region, New Zealand

Auckland Harbour Bridge
Photo: Phillip Capper License: CC BY 2.0
The Auckland Harbour Bridge is an eight-lane box truss motorway bridge over the Waitemata Harbour, joining St Marys Bay in Auckland with Northcote in the former North Shore City, New Zealand. It is part of State Highway 1 and the Auckland Northern Motorway.

Map of the Area Around
Auckland Harbour Bridge

Before the bridge was constructed, the quickest way from Auckland to the North Shore was via ferry. By road, the shortest route was the Northwestern Motorway, a distance of approximately 50 kilometers (31 miles).

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    The Auckland Harbour Bridge is 1,020 meters (3,348 ft) long, with a main span of 243.8 m, rising 43.27 m above high water, allowing ships access to the deepwater wharf at the Chelsea Sugar Refinery.

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