New Zealand Parliament Buildings

northern end of Lambton Quay
Wellington, Wellington Region, 6160, New Zealand

New Zealand Parliament Buildings
Photo: Midnighttonight License: CC BY-SA 3.0
The New Zealand Parliament Buildings house the Parliament of New Zealand and are on a 45,000 square meter site. They consist of Parliament House, the Executive Wing (The Beehive), the Parliamentary Library and Bowen House.

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New Zealand Parliament Buildings

The main building of the complex is Parliament House, containing the Debating Chamber, Speaker's Office, Visitors' Centre and committee rooms.

The "Beehive" is a ten story building built as an extension of Parliament House, and it is occupied by the Executive Wing. The top floor is occupied by the Cabinet room, with the Prime Minister's offices on the floor immediately below. Other floors contain the office of individual ministers and various function rooms occupy the first three floors.

Completed in 1899, the Parliamentary Library is the oldest of the buildings. It stands to the north of Parliament House.

A multi-storey office building across Bowen Street from the Beehive, Bowen House houses MPs' offices and support staff. It is connected to the rest of the parliamentary complex by a tunnel under Bowen Street.

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