Fortaleza de San Fernando de Omoa

Omoa, Cortés Department, Honduras

Exterior Fuerte de Omoa Honduras
Photo: Dennis Garcia License: CC BY 3.0
The Fortaleza de San Fernando de Omoa is an 18th-century Spanish fort located along the Northwest Caribbean coast of Honduras. It was the last Spanish stronghold in Central America after the region declared its independence.

Map of the Area Around
Fortaleza de San Fernando de Omoa

Fortaleza de San Fernando de Omoa Categories

  • Fortresses and Other Defensive Structures

    The Spanish fort was involved in a battle with the British in October, 1779, because Spain became an ally of the United States. The craters from the British bombardment are still visible in the walls of the fort today.
  • Man-Made

    There are actually two forts in Omoa. The earlier Real fort was started in 1752, and remodeled in 1759. Next to the Real fort, the fort of San Fernando de Omoa was constructed from 1756 through 1775.

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