Parliament Hill

Southern Bank of the Ottawa River in Downtown Ottawa
Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

Parliament Hill
Photo: David Samuel License: CC BY-SA 3.0
Parliament Hill (Colline du Parlement) is the home of the Parliament of Canada and contains a number of buildings and monuments that are symbols of Canada. Parliament Hill attracts approximately three million visitors each year.

Map of the Area Around
Parliament Hill

Official Name and Boundries

Parliament Hill was officially named in 1875 by the Parliament of Canada Act.

The official bonderies are defined as the Ottawa River on the north, the Rideau Canal on the east, Wellington Street on the south, and a service road (Kent Street) near the Supreme Court on the west.

The 88,480 square meters (952,391 sq ft) area is maintained by the National Capital Commission.

The south front of the property is marked by a Victorian High Gothic wrought iron fence, named the Wellington Wall. In the center of the fence sits the formal entrance to Parliament Hill: the Queen's Gates. At each southern corner of the quadrangle are also smaller gates for every-day access.

Parliament Hill Categories

  • Government

    In 1858, Queen Victoria selected Barrack Hill as the site for the new parliament buildings, given its prominence over both the town and the river, as well as the fact that it was already owned by the Crown.
  • Man-Made

    The original primeval forest of beech and hemlock was cleared prior to the groundbreaking on 20 December 1859 for the construction of the Parliamentary buildings.
  • National Historic Sites

    The buildings and grounds of the Parliament were declared separate National Historic Sites of Canada in 1976. The grounds contain many monuments of historic interest.

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